About me

Born in Karlovy Vary, spa town in Czech Republic , Veronika Tumova, is a self taught photographer whose passion for photography started after she moved to France in 2009. Her photographic artwork evokes different worlds of painting and plays with our imagination to provoke in us all sorts of emotions. With a well mastered technique of the use of blurriness, natural light and anonymous features, her work awakes our unconsciousness and suggests us to escape from our spectator position and to become the director of our own story. Through each one of her works, she is inviting us to a new world made of dreams, nostalgic tales, light and shadows.


Current location: Lisbon, Portugal


2019- 3 group exhibitions , Gallery "Galerie L'Entrée des Artistes", Paris, France

2017- Solo exhibition, Gallery "L'Atelier de Charles", Metz, France

2017-Group Exhibition, Galerie La Ralentie, Paris, France

2016- Giant projection, "Carrières de Lumières", Les Baux de Provence, France 

2016 - Festival européen de la photo de nu, Arles, France

2016 - Group exhibition, Kladno's castle gallery, Kladno, Czech Republic

2016 - Eleven Art Gallery, Rennes, France

2016 - Group exhibition, Maisons Laffitte, France

2016 - Group exhibition "Fabriqué en France", Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, California

2016 - Solo exhibition "L'Heure bleue", Fontaine Obscure, Aix en Provence, France

2016 - Art fair "Photo LA" with Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles, California 

2015 - Eleven Art Gallery, Rennes, France

2015 - Art fair "Fotofever", Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2015 - Solo exhibition, Festival "L'image publique", Maison des Associations, Rennes, France

2015 - Group exhibition, Galerie du Curé, Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

2015 - Group exhibition, Slunečná gallery, Slunečná, Czech republic

2015 - Group exhibition, Forum des Arts, Saint-Malo, France

2015 - Galerie du Curé, Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

2014 - Group exhibition, festival "L'image publique", 4bis, Rennes, France

2014 - Solo exhibition, festival "Image Publique", Acigné, France

2014 - Solo exhibition, Galerie G, La Garde, France

2014 - Group exhibition, "SFR Jeunes Talents" SFR headquarters, Saint Denis, France

2014 - Group exhibition "SFR Jeunes Talents & Lille3000", Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille, France

2013 - Group exhibition "White line", Břehová gallery, Prague 1, Czech Republic

2012 - Exhibition "Příběhy Anonymní", Pidivadlo Dinner Theatre, Prague 7, Czech Republic

Awards and selections

2016- Hariban Award- Finalist

2016 - YourDailyPhotograph

2016 - Saatchi art collection

2016 - YourDailyPhotograph, "Searching for Love"

2016 - 8 ème biennale de photographie de Maisons-Laffitte, City prize laureate

2016 - Saatchi art collection

2016 - Saatchi art collection

2016 - YourDailyPhotograph, "Freedom"

2016 - YourDailyPhotograph, "For you I would"

2016 - Photo LA, Los Angeles

2016 - Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu, Arles

2015 - Fotofever, Carrousel de Louvre, Paris 

2015 - Festival poster, L'Image Publique 2015

2015 - "Forum des Arts", Saint Malo

2015 - L'Image Publique, "Traverses" 

2014 - SFR Jeunes talents / Lille3000 "Micro/Macro"

2014 - Image Publique Rennes "Le Corps" 


Publications, articles and interviews

2018 - Publication in L'Humanité newspaper

2016 - Article Lacia Trendvisions

2016 - Article in l'Oeil de la Photographie

2016 - Article in Pixfan about exposition "L'Heure bleue"

2016 - France Culture

2015 - Unidivers

2014- Interwiev with L'imprimerie Nocturne

2014 - Article in Ouest France 

2014 - Article in Our age is 13

2014 - Article in El Fanzine 

2014 - Interview for Is-e-art

2012 - Interview for Project Educate-abstract&surreal

Photos and videos